Definitions Crossword - VI

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  1. The relative degree of being poisonous. A condition that may exist in wastes and will inhibit or destroy the growth or function of certain organisms.
  2. A measurement of the amount of organic carbon in waster.
  3. Liquid removed from settled sludge.
  4. A substance capable of being evaporated or changed to a vapor at relatively low temperatures, such as in a muffle furnish at 550* for 60 minutes.
  5. A pressure-driven membrane filtration process that separates particles down to approximatley 0.01 um from influent water using a sieving process.
  6. A property of water, or any other fluid, that resists efforts to change its shape or flow.


  1. A chemical solution of known strength is added drop by drop until a certain color change, precipiate, or pH change in the sample is observed (end point).
  2. The base on which an organism lives. Chemical used by an organism to support growth.
  3. A meaurement based on the volume of some factor.
  4. The word used to indicate a hazard level between Caution and Danger.
  5. When a pump is lifting or pumping water, the vertical distance (in feet or meters) from the elevation of the energy grade line on the suction side of the pump to the elevation of the energy grade line on the discharge side of the pump.
  6. The spiral shaped casing that surrounds a pump, blower or turbine impeller and collects the liquid or gas discharged by the impeller.
  7. A deposit or precipitate of magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate found on the rotating components of centrifuges and centrate discharge lines.
  8. A wall or plate placed in an open channel and used to measure flow of water.
  9. The point at which, due to insufficient oxygen present, the concenration of a gas in air becomes too great to allow an explosion upon ignition.
  10. A measure of the cloudiness of water, measured in NTU or simply TU.
  11. The average concentration of a pollutant based on the times and levels of concentrations of the pollutant.
  12. That portion of a machine that contains the stationary parts that surround the moving parts.

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